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5 Reasons to Work with A Care Manager Advocate

Beverly Bernstein Joie, MS, CMC


Care Managers are health care professionals such as nurses, social workers, and counselors, who are experts in assisting families to manage the care needs of a family member. A Care Manager can be a worthwhile addition in detecting the status of an individual and providing and/or obtaining the resources to manage their unique situation. They work with both the aging community and those with disabilities.

Case Study

The Trust Company was concerned about a client living alone. A home visit by the Trust revealed filth, roaches, and hoarding behavior. There were no other family members. By bringing onboard a nurse care manager, the Trust Company learned that besides obvious mental health issues, the client was addicted to Opioids.  The care manager identified the underlying problem, referred the client to an appropriate health care provider, accompanied her to the appointment, and found her low-income housing commiserate with her needs. Although the Trust Company had worked with the client for years, they previously had no idea about the complex problems she is facing.


5 Reasons to Include a Care Manager to The Trust Team

1. Uncover and identify the specific problems the client is facing through a comprehensive assessment of their needs and clear understanding of their level of care

2. Provide the resources needed for the client such as health specialists, physical and occupational therapy, dementia specialists, government entitlements, etc

3. Find alternative housing options when appropriate or identify superior home care and monitor and oversee its quality.

4. Work with family dynamics; provide family members with peace of mind when they live at a distance

5. Provide a value-added level of service that supports clients and enables generations to benefit from solving complex issues while effectively managing resources.

Care Managers can be useful additions to your team. They are professionals who provide an objective third party perspective in identifying, resolving, and helping families lessen their burden and unify around a common goal.

Beverly Bernstein Joie, MS, CMC, is the President of Complete Care Strategies